[Costco] webber naturals® Cal-Mag 2:1 with D — 2 x 300 Tablets



Osteoporosis concerns are well-founded in Canada where about one out of four women and one out of eight men over 50 years of age have osteoporosis. Calcium intake provides strong bone development during the younger years and the acquired bone density needed to get us through our latter years without bone fractures due to osteoporosis. Calcium is the central mineral in bone mineralization or calcification, magnesium supports healthy bones while vitamin D enhances bone mineral density. Features and Benefits:Adequate, lifelong dietary calcium intake is necessary to reduce the risk of osteoporosis; however, this disorder is not principally due to a lack of calcium, but to an imbalance in the bone remodeling action of the osteoclast cells that break down bone, and the osteoblast cells that build up new bone.As much as 50% of the body’s magnesium is found in the bones, pointing to the importance of magnesium to bone health. While calcium is the central mineral in bone mineralization or calcification, the quality of the calcium crystals formed is profoundly dependent on magnesium. When too little magnesium is available, the calcium crystals are weaker permitting fractures to occur, even when consistent efforts have been made to consume the recommended daily calcium supplements.Vitamin D is important to facilitate calcium absorption from the intestinal tract. A consistent deficiency of vitamin D leads to a condition of inadequate calcification referred to as osteomalacia or “soft bones”, revealing just how important vitamin D is. Direction: 1-2 caplets daily or as directed by a physician Servings:300 to 600 daysCautions and Warnings: Keep out of reach of children Storage: For product freshness protect from heat and humidity Model:  6576