[Costco] Smart for Life Luscious Lemon Protein Bars



Smart for Life® low-sugar Luscious Lemon protein bars take the boring out of eating healthy! Naturally flavoured with lemon sweetness, these bars are high in protein, low in sugar, and loaded with great taste. A favourite of many Smart for Life® customers, these light and crispy bars will make your mouth water and your tummy stay full and satisfied. In addition to great taste, they also provide superior nutritional value with fibre, protein, essential amino acids and heart-healthy omega-3s.Features:48 individually wrapped lemon-flavoured low-sugar protein bars18 g of proteinHealthy protein-to-sugar ratioGluten freeNon-GMONo artificial flavours, ingredients or preservatives0 g cholesterolNo sucraloseCold-pressed, never bakedExcellent source of dietary fibreNaturally preserved and flavoured Certified kosher