[Costco] Smart for Life – 42-day Winner Variety Pack



Say goodbye to pre-packaged “diet” foods that sacrifice flavour for less calories. The Smart for Life® 42-day Winner variety pack contains a great tasting assortment of soups, shakes, and cookies that help control hunger and help you achieve significant weight loss. All Smart for Life® foods are scientifically formulated to contain the perfect balance of fibre, protein, and complex carbohydrates to naturally suppress your appetite and help you feel fuller longer.Features:17 packs of oatmeal raisin Smart Cookies (6 cookies per pack)20 packs of chocolate chip Smart Cookies (6 cookies per pack)   8 vanilla shakes (2 containers with 4 servings each)8 chocolate shakes (2 containers with 4 servings each)8 chicken soups (2 containers with 4 servings each)4 tomato soups (1 container with 4 servings)1 instructional brochure  Unlimited phone support: 1-877-601-7277Smart for Life® foods are natural and contain no drugs, toxic chemicals, or preservatives.

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