[Costco] Pink Solution Clean All Purpose Cleaner 7 L Bundle



All natural, all purpose cleaner with coconut oil, seaweed and baking sodaNo chemicals, perfumes or dyesSeptic tank safePhosphate free Replaces over 10 different household cleaners, including laundry detergentUse full strength or mix with water for bathrooms, kitchens, cars, boats, stains, carpets, pets, jewellery, fruits and vegetables, laundry, antiques, plants, appliances, and much moreRemoves stains like butter, mayonnaise, cooking oil, blood, red wine, crayon, candle wax and moreUse on any surface where you can use waterSafe for children and petsMakes an excellent pet shampooLeaves no residueEach 7 L bucket has enough concentrated paste for over 1750 loads of laundryFor laundry, works in HE or traditional washing machinesBiodegradable Made in CanadaNever expires