[Costco] Organika® Salmon Collagen 500 mg 90 Capsules


A great collagen source for those looking for an alternative to a chicken or bovine collagen


Excellent source of type 1 Collagen beneficial for healthy skin, hair, nails and anti-ageing properties within our body. Salmon collagen is excellent for reducing joint pain associated with osteoarthritis as well as the integrity of our cartilages. Naturally sourced from Australia, Salmon collagen has been shown to restore skin hydration, suppress UV-B skin damage and photoaging. Organika Salmon Collagen contains 500 mg of hydrolyzed collagen and salmon fish collagen is a source of L-Lysine and L-Arginine. L-Lysine is an essential amino acid which helps to maintain good health. This amino acid is considered essential as the body cannot produce it, and must therefore be sourced from food or supplements. It also helps collagen formation, a key substance in connective tissues such as skin, tendons and cartilage. L-Arginine is categorized as a non-essential amino acid, as it can be produced by the body. This amino acid is involved in protein synthesis as it is necessary to the production of proteinsFeatures and Benefits:Excellent source of Type 1 CollagenHydrolyzed Collagen for maximum absorptionReduces the appearance of celluliteProvides a broad spectrum of amino acidsHelps to reduce joint pain and inflammation in the body Free Run SalmonHelps to reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritisA great collagen source for those looking for an alternative to a chicken or bovine collagenSoy freeGluten freeDairy freeNon-GMONPN #80045589Recommended dose – (oral) adults only: Take 1 capsule 3 times per day with a glass of water Use for a minimum of 5 months to see beneficial effectsServings:30 daysContains no: Dairy, egg, artificial preservatives, colours, artificial sweeteners, yeast, wheat, corn, soya, or glutenCautions and Warnings:May cause mild gastrointestinal disturbancesStorage:Store in a cool, dry place to preserve freshnessProtect from heat and moistureKeep out of reach of children