[Costco] OceanPrime Whole Cooked Lobsters


Net weight: 4.54 kg (10 lb.)


Due to the perishable nature of this item, orders do NOT ship over the weekend. Orders only ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday deliveries. Lobster is a lean, high-protein seafood packed with omega-3 fatty acids. While fresh lobster can be time-consuming to prepare, frozen lobster keeps for months in your freezer and is ready at any time. Serve with lemon wedges for drizzling or fresh salsa for topping instead of high-fat melted butter to keep your meal lower in fat and calories. Frozen lobster products utilize the latest technological advances in blast freezing that ensures the highest quality and flavour of frozen whole lobsters and lobster meat. In order to maintain this high quality, it is important to handle the frozen product with the utmost care and respect.Features:Package includes approximately 13 to 17 whole cooked lobstersNet weight: 4.54 kg (10 lb.)Product of CanadaProduct guaranteed to be 100% net weightFine dining qualityHandling:Within the box you may find dry ice. Always handle dry ice with care and use a protective cloth or leather gloves whenever touching it. An oven mitt or towel will work. If touched briefly it is harmless, but prolonged contact with the skin will cause injury similar to a burn. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.Instruction for members upon receiving product:Open immediately upon arrivalPacking should be intact (no damaged seal, leaks, etc.)Product temperature should be verified with a calibrated thermometer as 4 °C (39.2 °F) or belowFrozen product that has thawed should not be re-frozenProduct should be refrigerated or frozen immediately upon receiving and verification of temperature  Shipping Note: This item contains food and is being delivered frozen. Please ensure to plan accordingly to receive delivery to maintain integrity and safety of the product(s).