[Costco] Non-GMO Organic Heirloom Garden Seed Bank, 2-pack



Compliment your Emergency Food Supply with Chief Mountain Harvest Garden Seed Bank, another innovative product brought to you by In Case Of. This unique two pack includes a healthy collection of 20 different top quality vegetable and fruit seeds that are:Organic Non-GMO Non-Hybrid Heirloom/HeritageIn Case Of seeds have been specially grown and packaged for this Garden Seed Bank to enhance and compliment any Emergency Food Supply. All seeds are individually packaged in food-grade Mylar zip sealed pouches. These pouches are hermetically sealed in a food grade #10 (1 gallon size) dry pack can that provides optimum protection from insects, mold, light and moisture assuring a 3 to 5 year shelf life, much longer than regular store-bought seeds. Every Mylar package includes instructions on planting, harvesting and seed collection. Essential to any preparedness plan is the ability to feed you and your family. Whether you set these seeds aside for emergency long term storage or plant them in your next growing season, these top quality organic Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO Heirloom/Heritage seeds will allow you or your family to grow and harvest healthy fresh produce and collect seeds for re-planting year after year.Includes:Beans (25g)Beets (5g)Broccoli (1g)Cabbage (0.5g)Cantaloupe (0.25g)Carrots (1g)Cauliflower (0.1g)Corn (25g)Cucumber (1g)Lettuce (1g)Onion (0.5g)Parsnip (1g)Peas (25g)Pepper (0.5g)Radish (5g)Spinach (5g)Squash (1g)Swiss Chard (3g)Tomato (0.1g)Zucchini (2g)