[Costco] Cheena Canada Wild Smoked Peppered Candied Salmon


6 x 227 g (8 oz.)


Cheena is internationally recognized for producing high quality seafood products. Wild salmon are caught from the tip of Vancouver Island to just north of Haida Gwaii. Cheena does not use river fish. Only ocean-run salmon. Why? Because ocean-run salmon has higher oil content and firm meat. Only natural wood smoke is used. Cheena brand never uses artificial smoke flavour. Traditional West Coast style double smoked salmon you will surely enjoy.Features:Packed in 6 convenient 227 g (8 oz.) boxesShelf life unopened is 3 yearsNo refrigeration required until opened, so extremely convenient for travelCheena brand never uses artificial smoke flavourRefrigerate after opening, which will keep for about 5 daysProcess of retorting allows product to be shelf stable for 3 years at room temperature Salmon is first brined/marinated for 48 hrsProduct is lightly marinated in both maple syrup and soy sauce before smoking and lightly peppered with spices and sea saltAfter cold smoking for 18 to 24 hrs, the fillets of salmon are placed in gold foil pouches and hot smoked it its own natural juice for 2 to 3 hrs