[Costco] Cheena Canada Wild Canadian Pink Retort Smoked Salmon


10 x 113 g (4 oz.)


Salmon are all wild caught from north of Vancouver Island to the Alaskan panhandle just north of the Haida Gwaii islands. Cheena does not use river fish. Only ocean-run salmon. Why? Because ocean-run salmon have higher oil content, firmer meat texture and overall better tasting. The salmon is first brined/marinated in a proprietary recipe for 48 hrs. After cold smoking for about 18 hrs, salmon portions are placed in gold foil pouches and hot smoked in its own natural juice for 2-3 hrs. This special smoking process allows this product to be kept without refrigeration for 3 years. Once opened, eat it within 2-3 days. Since it is smoked, open the pouch and eat as is or put it over crackers, bagels, mix in salad, pasta, rice or use your imagination.Features:10 individually vacuum packed 113 g portions1.13 kg (2.49 lb.)High in protein and omega 3 fatty acidsMade in Canada