[Costco] Berbician Halal Kobe-style Salami Sticks


25 x 30 g (1.06 oz.) Salami Sticks


Due to the perishable nature of this item, orders do NOT ship over the weekend. Orders only ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday deliveries. Craving meats? A variety of meats? Berbician has the widest selection of meat protein developed in a variety of forms for every age group. Berbecian’s North African Mergues flavour was combined with lamb to create a snack-it mood for those on the go. Grab a sack for perfect party take over’s, camping trips and school treats.Features: 25 x 30 g (1.06 oz.)  salami sticks Seasoned and smoked perfectly using time-honored recipesShelf stable refrigerate after openingAll added ingredients are halalNo pork used during process