[Costco] Barefoot Venus All Cracked Up Trio



Be foot-loose and fancy-free and provide those hard working feet with the all the lovin’ they need. Botanically based and designed to repair and soften hard, cracked heels and dry feet.  The cocoa and shea butter deeply moisturize the skin and the clove acts as a natural exfoliant while stimulating and deodorizing your feet.  Peppermint serves as an anti-septic and cooling refresher.  Go on a spa vacation, at home and make your day feel prettier, brighter and a tad more glamorous. Ideal gift for any occasion. Features:All Cracked Up heel cream ? 3 x 125 g (4.4 oz.)Created WITH:Cocoa butterShea butterClovePeppermint oilCreated WITHOUT:ParabensPropylene glycolSynthetic colourMineral oil