[Costco] Acadian Sturgeon – Smoked Sturgeon Fillets


1 kg


Due to the perishable nature of this item, orders do NOT ship over the weekend. Orders only ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday deliveries. These wild Atlantic sturgeon fillets, naturally boneless (sturgeon have cartilaginous skeleton like the sharks), smoked with maple wood chips, contain no artificial colouring or preservatives. Sturgeon fillets have a firm yet fine texture, mild taste with just a hint of smoke. They are thin sliced, vacuum packed in oxygen permeable bags and ready to eat. Use to prepare appetizers, salads or sandwiches. Features:Vacuum packed on a cardboard in 3 packages  Smoked sturgeon can be refrigerated up to 10 days or can be stored frozen up to 6 months; freezing does not change much the quality and texture; thaw overnight in refrigerator  Sliced in fine tranches that can be easily taken apart with a knife to be used on crackers or toast as appetizers or sandwiches  Provides all the health benefits of a fish, including a high concentration of omega 3sModel:ASC04