How do I sign up for Zallat?

Click on “Sign Up” button on the top right corner of the homepage and choose the plan that’s right for you. We have Zallat Valu which is our annual plan and costs $100 a year or Zallat Flex which is our monthly plan and costs $13 a month. Once you sign up you will then gain access to our online store where you will be able to shop for your groceries from the store of your choice and get it delivered in under two hours!

What if an Item I need is not available?

If you forgot an item from your list, you can still let your Zallat Shopper know to add it to your list. If the item is not available at the store then your Zallat Shopper will inform you and ask if you have a replacement item in mind.

Do we charge a delivery fee?

Yes. For Zallat Valu (yearly) subscribers the delivery fee is $9 and for Zallat Flex (monthly) members the delivery fee is $11.

Do we mark-up store prices?

No. We do not mark-up store prices. You get the exact in-store prices (and sales) as you would if you had went to the store yourself. We don’t have any other hidden fees either!

Am I expected to tip Shoppers?

No. Customers do not have to tip Zallat Shoppers but it’s appreciated if deserved, of course.

How do I pay?

Once you have completed your shopping on the Zallat platform you can pay by using any major credit or debit cards.

When do we deliver?

We normally deliver between the hours of 9am and 9pm. And within two hours from the Delivery Time you specified when you placed your order.

What does “On Hold” mean?

Once you do checkout an order you will see order status set to “On Hold”. This simply means that you have not yet been charged for the order. We will only charge your card after the shopper has completed shopping for your order.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes. You can cancel an order as long as the shopper is still in the store. If you cancel before the shopper gets to the store you will not be charged any fees; if however, you can cancel after the shopper has reached the store you will get charged a $10 cancellation fee.

Can I cancel my account?

In the unlikely event you are not happy with Zallat; yes, you have 14 days (excluding special promotions) to cancel your subscription and get a refund, assuming you have used the service at-least once. In order to cancel all you have to do is inform Zallat Support at 403-585-0152 or . If you do not cancel, your subscription will automatically renew.
Please note: Once the 14 days grace period has lapsed you won’t get a refund. But your plan will still remain active for the duration of the subscription term, just in case you do change your mind.